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Elopement, Wedding, Family Photographer, near Portland, Sherwood, Vancouver, Hillsboro, Oregon.

"Simplicity is about more than making space in your home. It's also about creating more time in your life and more love in your heart.  What I learned is you can actually be more with less."

- An awesome quote from a Better Homes & Gardens Magazine


My name is Kathleen Danielle Hoos and I own Simpler Images.  I'm currently 21 years old and I started my photography journey some time in 2015 (I'm terrible with dates like that).  My first camera was the Sony a6000 paired with a telephoto kit lens, and I had a lot of help from my now husband in learning my camera.  I've since then found my passion in portraits, mainly outdoor adventures in our beautiful state.  I prefer to keep my sessions  in the time frame where the sun is right behind my subjects, but I've learned to love all types of lighting and I know it's important to master them in order to give my clients the best photos. 

If you couldn't tell from my business name i like to live simply and consider myself a minimalist.  I've been able to find peace in this lifestyle and that's what i hope to bring to all my clients with their sessions.  my packages and pricing are very straightforward and don't include more options than necessary, which enables me to price myself in a more budget friendly way.  I take pride in my work and more importantly i truly enjoy going out and photographing people and giving them portraits that they can cherish forever.   I also have a more natural editing style which allows me to spend less time per picture providing you with more photos in less time.

Adventurous Hiker Photographer specializing in Elopement, wedding, engagement, couples, family, coast. beach, cape kiwanda, oregon, portland, sherwood, pacific city,

My home base is Sherwood, Oregon but i enjoy traveling all across this beautiful state and the Pacific Northwest.   Green is my favorite color and there is an abundance here, but there is plenty of diversity within a days drive as well.  There is the coast which is the most unique I've been to so far, of course the forests, but there are also some beautiful deserts in eastern Oregon.  There's no way I'll be able to see it all in my life but I'm happy I get to call this place home and explore it little by little. 

  I have always been an artist and i consider myself blessed to be able to make a profit from my passions, If i weren't taking photos i would be sketching a portrait of a woman (because guys are hard to draw for me) or designing dresses.  I handmade a dress for myself and a few others for my adventure shoots.  it's a great feeling getting to see your work in photos and being worn by someone.    


Photography is important to me because I don't have great memory, in fact I don't remember much from the past 21 years.  I didn't have a terrible childhood and I really don't know why I am this way, but I just can't hold onto things even when they are important to me.   That's why I appreciate photos so much because when i see those images, I get to remember the moments and feelings that I would otherwise lose.  I think It's also important for everyone to have photos of themselves for a keepsake for their kids one day, and also it's nice to feel pretty and get to show yourself off!  


This beautiful photo was taken by the amazing Kali M Photos

My husband is my second shooter for most of the weddings we photograph and my personal step ladder when I need to get above my subjects.  We are currently living with our cat, tsela, who is the weirdest cat we've ever met.  we're expecting a new furry family member this summer so stay tuned for some adorable photos. in the meantime, enjoy a photo of our fluff-ball.

Maine coon kitten, Oregon elopement, wedding, family photographer, near Portland, Sherwood, Hillsboro Oregon

I hope you enjoy my photos and I would love to get to know you a little better!  Whether you're interested in getting photos done, collaborating, or just hanging out please message me.

I'm always up for making more friends and getting to shoot people. 

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Behind the Scenes Photo of Kathleen Danielle Hoos

*Shout-out to my husband for this behind the scenes shot*